The effect of special bags of fruit corn on corn

The effect of special bags of fruit corn on corn

2019-05-31 14:24
The role of fruit corn special bag on corn, to explain, you need to talk about fruit corn, it is suitable for raw sweet corn, the green bar stage is thin, juicy, crisp and sweet, can be eaten raw, thin The epidermis, the fragrant juice, raw and cooked are sweet, crisp and tender. The sweet corn in production can be divided into ordinary corn and sweet corn. The sweet corn has high sugar content and long harvesting period. Waxy corn is rich in nutrients and has high food value.
Application range of corn packaged in fruit corn special bags
1. Freshly squeezed juice field
2. Fruit dairy drinks
3. Fresh juices in hotels and restaurants
4. Family original fresh juice
5. Shangchao freshly squeezed juice raw material supply
6. Freshly squeezed juice chain raw material supply
7. Desserts, cakes and snack foods
8. Fruit ice cream, fruit salad field
9. Chilled fruit (can be eaten directly after thawing)

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